Love Jesus Kill Bugs!

Christian Pest Ministry

We started ONE WAY PEST SOLUTIONS because we know how horrible it is to have pests in your home & many people simply can not afford pest control. Imagine being a father or mother who has children getting bed bug bites or spiders crawling across them while they’re simply trying to get a peaceful night’s rest. This is a horrible image & this is why we felt the calling to try to do something about it: Love Jesus & Kill Bugs!

How Do We Do It? A portion of all proceeds from our customers goes towards helping a family in need each month. If you already have pest control services, we would like you to consider switching to One Way Pest Solutions and joining our ministry. Even if you don’t have our services, you can stay in touch by filling out the following form to join our mission.

If you are in need of pest control & simply can’t afford it, please feel free to nominate yourself or have a loved one do it on your behalf. Each month, we will choose one family to receive a free mission treatment, no questions asked.

May God bless you in your decision to join our mission and spread the word that some companies aren’t just here to take your money, but more importantly to serve our Lord & Savior Jesus!

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